Since 2014, We have been celebrating our Peruvian heritage and folklore with a Parade between 69th to 86th Street (15 Blocks) alongside 37th. avenue in Jackson Heights, 86th Street

Our Third Annual Parade will take place on June 26, 2016. We are preparing ourselves in advance to make the most out of this big celebration.

 Where is the Parade Hosted and When?

On 2014 was our first Annual event in Jackson Heights, Queens. Every year we will celebrate our Peruvian and South American /Hispanic Heritage along Northern Boulevard. On 2016, The parade will take place on June 26, 2016.

Why in this place?

The neighborhood of Jackson Heights is home to a large number of South American immigrants, including the second largest number of Peruvian Americans in the Metro New York Area. South American retailers and eateries, predominantly from Peru and Colombia dominate Northern Boulevard and 37th Avenue from East 80th Street to the border of neighboring Corona at Junction Boulevard. Roosevelt Avenue is also lined with various mainly Hispanic retail stores many of which are owned by South American immigrants who have made New York their second home.

It is for these reasons that we feel it is the ideal area to host our exciting new family event. Our purpose is to bring to the Jackson Heights community a celebration of Peruvian heritage, its folklore and rich history.

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How can I participate in the event?

If you want to participate, don´t hesitate and give us call at (917)829-9081 Fax: (718) 639-8529 or email us.

The IPF will be providing each of the participating organization with the corresponding permits upon the proper completion of the registration process. Nobody will be allowed to march in the parade without the necessary permits.


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